Powerhouse Dance Team is the official professional adult dance team of the Antravian Carter Academy and Dance Centre. We are an approved 501c3 non-profit organization. 


Powerhouse was created to take dancers to the next level in their professional dance career; offering proper training, amazing dance opportunities, and being a source of art expression and growth in our community. 


Our team is comprised of 10 dancers of various ages, sizes, and dance experiences. Some of our dancer credits include performing for the Galveston Battle of the Badges, serving on the core dance teams for both football and basketball dance teams, performing with recording artists and advancing to various NBA and NFL dance teams. 


Part of our commitment is giving back to the community. Our team has performed for hospitals, holiday performances, parades, nursing homes, flash mobs, corporate events, fundraisers, and festivals all over the Houston metroplex. In addition to performances we also host various workshops and prep classes. 


Powerhouse is inspired by each individual dancer’s passion for the craft of dance and their ability to share that passion to a new generation of dancers. We love to see individuals chase their dreams and continue to work on their craft regardless of age, weight, monetary status and other obstacles.  


We strive to be role models for not only children, teaching them to work hard and achieve their dreams but adults as well. We hope to encourage our worldwide community to get up, stay motivated and keep moving, and to set the example in everything we do. 


We are a diverse group of entertainers and we cannot wait to share our gift with you!