10am - 11:30am

Prep Class will be held August 31, 2019 at the

ACA Dance Centre located at 4654 Highway 6 North, Suite 303, Houston, TX 77084. 

Auditions prep class is free to attend.

Pre-Registration is highly recommended.


9am - 2pm

Auditions will be held September 14, 2019 at the

ACA Dance Centre located at 4654 Highway 6 North, Suite 303, Houston, TX 77084. 

Auditions registration fee is $25 per dancer

Pre-Registration is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are you looking for in your dancers?

We are looking for dancers serious about taking their dance career to the next level and ready to put in the work to get there. Dancers who can bring POWER, PASSION and PERSISTENCE!! Do you have what it takes?

What are the requirements for auditions?

  • Men and women must be 18+ years old as of September 1, 2019

  • At least 2 years of dance experience recommended, but not required

  • Must bring non-returnable current 5x7 color headshot photo (does not need to be professional)

  • Must bring non-returnable dance/professional resume. (doesn't need to be both)

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoe of preference with non-marking soles

  • Completed release forms (will be filled out day of)


  • Do not need to bring music or choreographed routine

  • Auditions are CLOSED and not open for family/friends/coaches/instructors

  • Walk ups day of auditions are welcomed

What is the audition process like?

Auditions will consist of four rounds:

Round One: Technique & Freestyle

Round Two: Choreo (Hip Hop based)

Round Three: Choreo (Jazz Funk/Pom based)

FINALS: Final selections will be made on Audition Day on which dancers will move to the Interview Round.

What day will interviews take place and what do we wear?

Interviews will be scheduled for Sunday, September 15, 2019 from 6:30pm-10:30pm

Finalist should wear business professional attire to interviews --just as you would wear for a job interview. 

When will be the team be selected and announced?

Following interviews round all finalist will take part in a Boot Camp. Boot Camp will be held on the following days and times:

Friday, September 20th - 5:00am-8:00am

Saturday, September 21st - 10am-6pm

Sunday, September 22nd - 10am-3pm

Upon completion of Boot Camp dancers will be selected and announced publicly.

What days do your dancers have practice?

Powerhouse Dance Team dancers will have a standard rehearsal schedule of Thursdays 7pm-9pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm. Rehearsals may be shortened or extended based on upcoming events and activities.

Dancers on the team are also required to maintain their technical training outside of the weekly team rehearsals. Dancers will be required to take a minimum of two dance classes of their choice each month at ACA Dance Centre.

How much are the dancers paid?

With our team being a studio based non-profit organization, dancers are not considered employees and are not paid for their involvement on the team.


However, through the dancers membership on the dance team we are offered occasional paid engagements where we may be able to compensate our dancers that are selected to be a part of those performances. Paid engagement proceeds are strictly regulated through the non-profit organization bylaws and guidelines.

How many dancers are you looking for?

Ideally we would like a team of 8-10 dancers but that could increase or decrease based on the talent presented the day of auditions. Just bring your "A" game and claim your spot!

Are tattoos/piercings allowed?

Dancers with tattoos will get the same consideration as dancers without tattoos. If selected for the team it should be the dancer's understanding that if a sponsor requests dancers with no tattoos or piercings we must follow those expectations. Dancers with piercings and tattoos will be asked to remove them or have them covered for official promo/marketing shoots.