Houston, TX   |   APRIL 27, 2018

Jersey Village High School

7600 Solomon Street

Jersey Village, TX 77040



All entries will be registered on a first come first serve basis.

Entries are not considered “registered” until full payment is received.

Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

All entries must be registered online. Mailed, faxed or emailed entries will NOT be accepted.

We do not currently accept independent entries.



                        FEES PER DIVISION

                                (BEFORE 30-DAY DEADLINE)

                                    *PRICING PROVIDED VIA DIRECTOR EMAIL

Dance studios/teams may apply their own administrative fees.

Registration fee provides each team entry into each performance category.

Exhibition teams may request a performance within the provided categories. All entries will be registered on a first come first serve basis and a limited to the performance times available. Once approved the fee of $25 per entry must be submitted.



Concessions will be sold during the event.  Outside food will not be allowed inside of the venue.


A competition schedule, studio confirmation, along with directions to the competition venue will be e-mailed to the studio/team director at least 10 days prior to the competition.


The competition detailed performance schedule will be available at check-in the day of competition.


Please be ready to perform at least 1 hour prior to your performance time. You must be prepared to perform when scheduled or slightly earlier, if asked. Legitimate costume change issues of less than 4 routines will be accommodated. In the interest of running on time, Flex reserves the right to modify the schedule. The wrongful holding of numbers may result in disqualification of the routine.



FLEX will have 2 performing levels.


SEMI PRO: Beginner/Intermediate Level


PRO: Advanced Level




For more information on categories please contact our office.



Counts will be unlimited. Must not exceed 1 min. Elementary School (Two Fast Songs); Middle School (One Fast & One Medium); High School (One Fast, One Medium, & One Slow); Collegiate (One Fast & One Slow). 

Teams will pull numbers at check in to determine the bracket. One team from each round will be selected to go to the semi-final round. The semi-final round will have two teams selected to go to the final round. Rounds where judges are not unanimous they can request a captain's battle to break the tie. 

Time limit: 1 minute Click here for BATTLE playlist.   Click here for BATTLE Order of Performance Info.


Entries will display their best 8-16 count routines like those that would be done in the stands in at an HBCU football or basketball game (do not confuse this category with BATTLE). Each song played will be random just like at a game played by your "band", meaning each song could be different for each team or it could be the same.

Round One each team will be able to throw an unlimited amount for 8 count traditional stands; while their song plays. The second round will consist of 16 count traditional stands.

Time will begin once first dancer begins to dance. Music will be stopped at a minute.

*Adults only. Time limit: 1 minute Click here for CLASSIC playlist.



Entries must have a parade style entrance displaying various 8-counts, lines and formations. Entrance will a parade style entrance that leads into a traditional HBCU style Danceline Field Show or Courtside half-time performance with an parade style exit. Timing should be roughly :45 for entrance, 1:30 for field show and :45 for exit.

Time limit: 3 minutes.



Uses any style or combination of styles, themes, character. artist, group work. Be CREATIVE! 

Time limit: 5 minutes.


Consists of classical dance genres: lyrical, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, cheerleading, etc.

No danceline/majorette style performances. Hip Hop entries must contain hip hop techniques. More than one to two majorette/danceline 8 counts or movement will be cause for disqualification.  

Time limit: 3 minutes

All Halftime, Production and Specialty entries must be titled with a name. If your entry does not have a title it will be titled by the song entry.

All entrances, exits and setups must be within the allotted time frame. Battle time starts once first dancer begins to dance this does not include taunts & dramatic effect gestures and acts. A 15-second grace period will be granted with pre-approval for large scale setups.

Failure to comply with time limits could result in a 15-point deduction.

All teams must be in place at least five acts before their performance time or you will be skipped. If you are skipped and miss the category you will be able to perform later when time permits for Adjudication points only. You will not be eligible for high point or top score awards.



  • Upload your music to FLEX! Forget the hassle of CDs!

  • Simply go to www.theACA.org/uploadmusic and enter your email to upload your music. Audio files are accepted in MP3, WAV, M4A or AIF format only, up to 50 MB each. We recommend MP3 format.

  • ALWAYS have a back-up in another format (like a CD or ipod) just in case!

  • Music will NOT be played from a cell phone nor will we pull music from the internet during the event.



All entries will be adjudicated a panel of qualified, previously selected judges. All studio directors, contestants and parents agree that the method of judging shall lie solely at the discretion of THE ACA BRANDS.


Contestants will be adjudicated based on a scoring system.

Judges score on the following: Routine Execution 10-25 points; Technique 15-35 points; Stage Presence 5-25 points; Routine 5-10 points, Costume/Appearance 1-5 points (deductions only).


Judges’ composite scores are totaled for final point values.


Adjudicated Award                         Intermediate/Competitive                                       Premier

Diamond                                                     280-300                                                          285-300

Platinum                                                      273-279.5                                                       278-284.5

Gold                                                            265-272.5                                                       270-277.5

Silver                                                           250-264.5                                                       255-269.5

Bronze                                                        235-249.5                                                       235-254.5


Battle Points total overall high point will be: First Place = 200; Second Place = 150; Third Place= 100

The subject of appropriateness is one of the most controversial in the dance competition industry today. FLEX is a family-oriented business that is dedicated to providing a safe, positive environment for both dancers and audience members. Points will be deducted, at judges’ discretion, for routines with inappropriate or suggestive music/costumes/dance moves.


Three important notes about this policy:

  1. Appropriateness begins at the studio. We encourage parents, choreographers and studio directors to take an active role to ensure that all routines are family oriented.

  2. Appropriateness is a subjective matter. Inevitably some will find the judges’ decisions too lenient, while others will find them too strict. We can only do our best to resolve these situations.

  3. Appropriateness is separate from technique. We would never want to punish dancers by deducting points from the technique, stage presence or execution sections of their critiques.

All judges’ critiques must be picked up at the end of the competition. Critiques will only be mailed if a written request is received by the home office within 7 days of the competition.



Each routine will be adjudicated and receive an award reflecting their placement: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, or Silver with the highest scoring routine in each category earning a Top Score First Place.


In addition to the adjudicated awards, a competitive placement award will also be given to the highest scoring Mini, Junior, Senior and Adult in each performance level and performance category where there are three or more entrants. 



A high point award will be awarded to the overall highest scoring team(s) in the Mini, Junior, Senior, Adult divisions. The number of high point awards will be determined by the number of entrants. For example: if there are only three (3) Premier Junior teams there will only be a First Place high point winner.



Achievement awards and plaques will be presented at each awards ceremony. These awards include, but are not limited to: Audience Choice, Technical Excellence, Showmanship, Buck or Die, Diva, Outstanding Costume, Standout, Choreography, Crowd Pleaser and Precision.

FleX Spirit Award- to be awarded to the studio who embodies the true spirit of competition. Friendly, helpful and polite to staff and other dancers, these dancers' infectious positive attitudes encourage an atmosphere of integrity and mutual respect. The Competitive Spirit Award includes a $100 gift certificate for 2018 FleX Intensive or 2019 Flex entry fees.

FleX Studio Award- a $100 gift certificate presented to the studio with the most participation at the competition--may be used at any FleX Intensive or 2019 FleX Competition.



No dangerous substances (including, but not limited to: water, gels, rosin, aerosols, glitter, confetti, etc.) that might damage the integrity of the performance floor may be used during a routine.

A time schedule will be available to all teams once it has been finalized. The schedule is based on the breakdown of entries by solos, duet/trios, groups, etc. Since we cannot know this breakdown until all entries are processed, we will, at that time, set a schedule designed to accommodate the majority of entrants. It is our goal to have the day end at a reasonable time.

FleX reserves the right to expand the dates of any competition due to number of entries, move the competition to a new location due to unforeseen circumstances, or cancel any event that does not qualify with a minimum number of acceptable entries. If cancellation occurs, all entry fees will be refunded.

Absolutely no coaching from audience or backstage.

Smoking is not allowed in performers' area.

Any teacher, parent, performer or participant displaying improper conduct can result in disqualification with loss of entry fees.

FleX Dance Competition shall in no way assume any responsibility for accidents or theft.

All protests must be in writing and made by a studio director prior to the awards ceremony for that particular division. All protests must be signed.

Performers' give permission to FleX Dance Competition to use performers' photographs and/or videos in connection with advertising and television broadcasts.

Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages allowed at a FleX Competition.